Low Cost Professional Telemarketing

We set appointments for your sales staff.

Most experts will agree that the more time you spend in face-to-face presentations pays off in more deals being closed. If your sales people are wasting time doing cold calls there is a huge missed opportunity cost as well as an unfair advantage for your competitors.

Many of the high performance national sales organizations do employ outsourced appointment setting services to maximize their sales people pipelines and your company should as well.

More Details:

What are the fees to use appointment setting services?
Standard outbound campaigns for lead generation or appointment setting is done at an hourly rate of just $15/hr.

Are there any list fees?
If you provide your own list then there is no charge. A small fee will be required if we need to source a call list for you. Contact us for details.

Are there any setup fees?
Our account manager will work with you to design a proper message and fine tune parameters for the targeting criteria. Our support team will prepare the campaign based on this discussion and a nominal setup fee may apply depending on the complexity of your campaign.

Is there a minimum commitment?
Most firms require a long term commitment of at least 6 months and multiple agents. We have no such requirements and understand the needs of small business owners. A 4 week minimum trial period is all we ask for with no long term
contracts. You can renew weekly and add agents when needed.

How many calls does a representative place a day?
On a campaign with one sales representative, the agent can make upwards of 200 or more calls per day dependent on contacts and list quality. Appointment numbers depends on type of campaign, from 1 – 3 or higher.

Do I get to select a representative working on my account?
An account manager will schedule a phone interview or mock calls with available representatives so that you can help us to select the best fit agent to represent your business.

Do I get to listen to a selected agent?
You can call in and live monitor your agent and they will not know, we do NOT schedule monitoring calls. This is good for all involved as you are the only one to know when you are monitoring. We record all appointment/sales calls where allowed by law for the integrity of our business relationship, and the safety of the consumer whether residential or business.

What reports do I get?
We pride ourselves on going an extra mile to provide a client with comprehensive as well as custom reports. You will receive daily reports via email.

Do you offer business to consumer telemarketing?
No, we specialize in providing telemarketing for business to business campaigns only. We do not handle campaigns targeting consumers at this time.

How do we start?
Please contact us for more information or to order.